What is Qing Dai?


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What is Qing Dai?

Qing Dai, same as Indigo Naturalis and indigo powder, belongs to a botanical family  that includes Baphicacanthus cusia, Polygonum tinctorium (Persicaria tinctoria), Isatis indigotica and Indigofera tinctoria. Qing Dai is light dried powder, easily fly-upward,  extracted from Baphicacanthus cusia fermented leaves.

Qing Dai ( Chinese indigo)  plant


Qing Dai Properties

Salty in flavor, cold in nature; it acts on the liver, lung and stomach channels. This herb can clear away heat,and detoxicate in the blood, cool blood and dissolve ecchymoses. Qing Dai is indicated for the syndromes of the warm and heat invasion of yin system and masculas and eruptions with high fever. Qing Dai is good at purging the liver-fire to arrest convulsion and curing infantile acute convulsion.

Qing Dai Dosage 

1.5-3g. The drug is difficult to dissolve in water. It is proper to prepare it in forms of pills or powder for deglutition;  appropriate amount  for external use.  

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