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Stachyose is a kind of non-reducing oligosaccharides, also, a functional oligosaccharide, and belongs to galactosides under raffinose , used for intestines and stomach diseases.


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Natural Remedy

Stachyose- the natural Prebiotics

Stachyose is a kind of non-reducing oligosaccharides, also, a functional oligosaccharide, and belongs to galactosides under raffinose category. As a tetrasaccharide, Stachyose naturally occurs in various vegetables, including Lamiaceae plants, leguminous plants, and Rehmannia Glutinosa in Scrophulariaceae.  Stachyose is in form of white fine powder, extremely well soluble in water, and tastes fresh and slightly sweet, about 25% of sucrose.

Our stachyose is extracted from plant tuber-Stachys floridana in water, without any chemical solvents, healthy and safe for direct consumption.

Stachyose specification

Source: Stachys affinis

Used part: Tuber

Appearance:  White Solid powder

Stachyose content: 70%-90%


Stachyose functions

1. To adjust the intestinal micro-ecological balance and protect the intestinal tract:

2. Improve immunity:

3. anti aging:

Stachyose can significantly increase the activity and content of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the blood and reduce body aging caused by the free radicals. At the same time, stachyose makes the function of detoxification in vivo significantly enhanced, and slow skin collagen ageing; finaly it is quite helpful to repair, moisturize and nourish the skin.

4. Promote the production and absorption of nutrients in the intestine:

Bifidobacterium in the intestine can self-synthesis of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, nicotinic acid and folic acid and other vitamins, in addition it also promotes calcium, magnesium and other trace elements absorption.

5. To protect the liver:

Through affecting the intestinal metabolic activity of certain enzymes, Stachyose reduces the metabolic activity of harmful enzymes in the intestine, and decreases the intestinal indole, P-cresol and other corrupt products and help to excrete , reduces the toxic metabolites absorption, greatly eases the burden of liver decomposition toxins.

6. Lower blood pressure and blood lipids:

Stachyose inhibits cholesterol synthesis by proliferation of bifidobacteria, thereby reduces serum cholesterol. According to human experiments, it is shown that the level of diastolic blood pressure in the human body is negatively correlated with the proportion of bifidobacteria in the feces.

7. Two-ways regulation to prevent constipation and diarrhea:

Stachyose is used by Bifidobacterium to produce a large number of short-chain fatty acids, which could stimulate intestinal peristalsis, increase fecal humidity and maintain a certain osmotic pressure, to avoid the dry stool, so as to prevent the occurrence of constipation; Also stachyose contains a large number of hydroxyl. It would well absorb water in the intestine, so its effects on diarrhea treatment are also quite obvious.

8. Effects on excreting lead:

Stachyose has an excellent laxative effect, which can greatly reduce the residence of food residues in the intestine, reducing the possibility of lead in the intestinal tract is absorbed. At the same time it can be combined with bile secretion into the intestinal tract lead, blocking its reabsorption.

9. Adjuvant therapy for those patients using antibiotics:

Antibiotics kills harmful bacteria and also kill a lot of useful bacterias. Long-term use of antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics, will seriouly cause intestinal flora disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and bad digestion etc. Taking stachyose can be very good to prevent those mentioned side effects.

Suitable for

all ages group from infants to old-aged persons, especially suitable for Gastrointestinal disorders, intestinal flora disorders, habitual constipation patients, people often taking antibiotics, the elderly, non-breastfeeding newborns, and obesity persons.


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