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Quality Control System

Plant extract is a kind of natural and sensitive products. We carry out rigorous rules from the plant selection to processing. In order to seek increasing perfection, we impose ourselves more strict standards throughout the whole quality management system on basis of international requirements.

At present, our factory is equipped with spraying drying, vacuum drying and freeze dried facilities to get the maximum properties of each products. Accordingly, we have QC staff followed up with every procedure. Therefore most of our products can meet international microbiology standard without any sterilization method.

Materials Supply Control

The production of natural plant extract is the key to quality control. This is why we devote ourselves to quality control management from original plant sources, which ensure our products with premium quality.

For many of our products, we have our own farms and long-term cooperated farms. All the materials, no matter where we get from our own farms and cooperative farm, and picked from wild, must have been concerned at first of the protection of natural resources and sustainable growth. We make sure all the resources are fresh, totally natural, defined raw. Every effort we made from the headstream is to guarantee a secure supply of all the plants at the highest level of quality.

Technical Production and Research

We always believe that technology is the leading role to the future. Therefore we focus on technique of production to guarantee the treasures of nature. We have our own laboratories and engineers, also cooperated with universities.