Indigo powder uses


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Indigo powder uses

Indigo powder uses widely spread in various fields such as medicine, cosmetics, food and daily chemicals.

1. Indigo powder uses in medicine

For severe hematemesis: Taking 31.25grams indigo powder with fresh water orally;

For injure of insects bite: 50% indigo powder well mixed with 50% realgar powder, and take 6.25grams powder with fresh water;

For treating eczema: well mix 10grams indigo powder with erythromycin ointment, and apply the cream on affected parts 3 times daily;

For treating  acute posterior ganglionitis (herpes): grind 2grams borneol into powder and well mix it with 10grams indigo powder in sesame oil, and then paste it on the affected part; please spread the mixed powder straightly onto diabrosis parts.


2. Indigo powder uses in food

Food dye and desensitization chewing gum


3. Indigo powder uses in cosmetics

Natural blue dye colorant


4. Indigo powder uses in daily chemicals

Natural blue dye colorant;

Dye for grey hair;

Dye for hand-made soaps;

Dye in lip sticks and eyebrow pencils;

Other products like painting brush and dye stuff.

Indigo powder will not only make all these products in perfect blue colors, but also let some of them have its own medicinal value on treating skin diseases like psoriasis etc.  

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