How to dye hair black naturally?


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How to dye hair black naturally?

For perfect beauty, more and more people are beginning to dye hair in different look. But the experts find that 150 hair dyes can cause cancers and other diseases like leukemia, among 160 kinds of popular hair dyes.  You may wonder how to dye hair black naturally? Chinese herbal Medicine can give your a safe indigo hair dye for grey hair with indigo naturalis.

 Indigo hair dye Formula

Dried Ginger 2kg,  Polygonum multiflorum (He Shou Wu) 2kg, Indigo Naturalis (Qing Dai) 2kg, Rhizoma Nardostachyos (Gan Song) 2kg, Bletilla striate (Bai Ji) 2kg, Henna Powder 2kg, Black Coffee 2kg

 How to make indigo hair dye?

Grind ginger/he show wu/ indigo naturalis /Gan Song / Baiji/ Henna Powder/ Black coffee into 1~5μm powder and well mix all these ingredients together;

Separate the mixed powder into 60g/bag for future use.


How to dye hair black naturally?

When you are ready to dye your hair, please use boiling water and make the powder into paste;

Keep the paste for 15 minutes, and brush it evenly over your hair.

For a better effect, you can also boil the mixed powder in iron pan and get the paste.


How long should I leave indigo in my hair?

Brush the paste well over your hair for 2 hours and wash your hair with clean water.


Natural black hair dye

Henna powder can help you hide grey hair and protect your hair, and it will make hair slightly red;

The indigo contained in indigo naturalis is combined with he show wu for dark black color;

Baiji is for fixing color;

Gansong and Dried Ginger are for aroma and hair protect.

 Indigo powder for grey hair

This formula is completely Chinese herbal medicine, without toxic, nor side effects;

But it has a good and long dye effect.


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