Stachyose Uses


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Stachyose Uses

Stachyose Uses

As one non-reducing oligosaccharide, stachyose, under normal conditions, will not react with other chemical substances such as food additives and host crystal, nor affect special smells and flavour of other substances; therefore, it is a perfect functional ingredient. Human intestines can’t digest galactosidase, stachyose will not be destroyed in digestive system like oral cavity, stomach and small intestine, nor rise blood sugar concentration.

 In intestines stachyose will be helpful to reduce cholesterol level and improve the gastrointestinal tract absorption of calcium/magnesium and other trace elements. It could reach the large intestine section straightly, where useful bacteria exists, so as to improve proliferation of bacillus bifidus. Thereby, we can conclude that it is suitable for diabetics, but it will not produce adverse reactions to patients with aggregating burden on incretion.

 Application Range 

Stachyose in food industry

Under normal conditions, Stachyose will not react with other chemical substances, such as food additives and host crystal, nor affect the unique smells and flavor of other substances; therefore, it is a good functional food addictive. With lower sweetness (0.28 times of that of cane sugar), it can be used in low carbohydrate foods and mask aftertaste of some sweeteners like neohesperidin dihydrochalcone.   

Stachyose is safe and credible without any toxin or side effects. Also, it is extremely soluble in water, perfect for developing health food such as beverage, dairy products, pastries, cakes and ice-cream etc, catering to various demands with same requirements on keeping intestines healthy. 

Stachyose can increase the absorption of minerals and trace elements. It is applicable in baby food.


Stachyose in health food

It is applicable in health foods for ameliorating gastrointestinal tract functions as micro-ecological modulator and water-soluble dietary fibre.

Stachyose is a kind of prebiotics. Prebiotic refers to selective substances useful for proliferation of a kind or some kinds of bacteria.   

Stachyose, as a single prebiotic, can accelerate proliferation of bacillus bifidus. Used together with other prebiotic bacteria, it helps greatly on adjusting intestinal bacteria group, relieving constipation and keeping intestines youthful and perpetual healthy of human body. 

With the dual functions of being water-soluble dietary fibre and increasing bacillus bifidus, Stachyose can ameliorate intestines’ functions, shorten the transitional time of food, raise water content and restrain putrefying bacteria, decompose carcinogen, induce interferon synthesis and cell division promotion substance, activate nature killer cells and promote immunoglobulin antibody and macrophage, so as to ameliorate functions of gastrointestinal tract.

 Bifidobacterium in the intestine can self-synthesis of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, nicotinic acid and folic acid and other vitamins, in addition it also promotes calcium, magnesium and other trace elements absorption. 

Stachyose can be taken as an idea supplement food for patients with high blood pressure/liver damage and anti-aging foods.


Stachyose in weight-loss products

Reduction of useful bacteria in intestines may lead to increase of synthesis and absorption of cholesterin. While, through increasing useful bacteria and decrease harmful bacteria, Stachyose can decrease the production of cholesterin. Besides, bacillus acidophilus could absorb cholesterin thus, restrain the absorption of cholesterin by small intestines wall. 

Stachyose inhibits cholesterol synthesis by proliferation of bifidobacteria, thereby reduces serum cholesterol. According to human experiments, it is shown that the level of diastolic blood pressure in the human body is negatively correlated with the proportion of bifidobacteria in the feces.

 Stachyose in pharmacy

With viscosity and high hygroscopicity, Stachyose can be utilized on pharmaceutical industry as medicine excipient. Moreover, as a kind of α-galactose glycoside substance Stachyose plays potential prevention and cure function on many kinds of chronic diseases.     

Stachyose is a kind of galactose glycoside compound constituted by a saccharose unit (fructose-dextrose) and two galactoses through α-1, with six bond linkages. This kind of compound has special adjustment function toward many kinds of cells in humans and animals, which is also the basis of discussing its pharmaceutical functions.

Probability of stachyose, as multi-function prevention and cure reagent is closely related with a kind of multi-function albumen called elasitn/laminin receptor, which can produce a serie of biological effects through acting on this receptor. 

Stachyose is good in skin health protection and anti-aging. Stachyose, through reducing hydrolyzing of tissue elastin and hyaluronic acid between skin cells, realized the effect of maintaining flexibility and plasticity of skin.

Stachyose is used to ease chronic inflammation and prevent tumour transfer.  

High purity stachyose can be widely used in hi-tech fields of airspace, aviation, metallurgy, etc. For purpose of treatment, please choose stachyose purity over 80% at least.

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